Michael G. Moran






St. Augustine


Classical Rhetorics and Rhetoricans


Edited by Michelle Ballif and Michael G. Moran, this volume contains critical essays on all major and many minor figures in classical rhetoric.

Each essay begins with a brief biography of the figure followed by a detailed discussion of the figure's contributions to rhetorical theory and practice. Each entry ends with a bibliography of primary and secondary works.

The book contains an introductory essay and a closing bibliographical essay on classical rhetoric as a whole.

This book follows two other collections on the history of rhetoric: EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY BRITISH AND AMERICAN RHETORICS AND RHETORICIANS (edited by Michael G. Moran) and TWENTIETH-CENTURY RHETORICS AND RHETORICIANS (edited by Michael G. Moran and Michelle Ballif). The first two are published by Greenwood Press; this book is published by Praeger Press.


"The current consensus among scholars is that rhetoric and its histories are culturally constructed rhetorical acts. This supposition has stimulated research that revises the history of "rhetoric"--history established by such venerable scholars as James Murphy and George Kennedy--into a more inclusive history of "rhetorics." Although this book could not exist without the codified historical narrative it challenges by deemphasizing the universal in favor of the particular, clearly its time has come. Ballif and Moran provide an excellent and succinct introduction that surveys the current state of historical scholarship and establishes three goals: to encourage readers to think of rhetoric as including figures who challenge the established canon (the book includes nontraditional as well as traditional figures who challenge the poets, pre-Socratic philosophers, etc.); to "resuffle the deck of future influence" by spotlighting less traditional figures; and to open readers' eyes to the contemporary application and significance of rhetoric.... Although this volume will not displace the "revised" histories, it will supplement them and cannot be ignored. Essential. All collections; all levels."--Choice

"This handsomely bound volume of studies supplies a much-needed resource for teachers and students of classical rhetoric: concise stand-alone summaries of ancient Greek and Roman writers who wrote about the practiced art of rhetoric.... [t]his overview is bound to supply teachers, students, and libraries with one of the most accesible, useful, and diverse treatments of its subject currently available."--The Classical Outlook

"I will recommend this useful work to students and will turn to it myself as a valuable resource. Its publication is a milestone in the progress of U.S. rhetoric studies in the twenty-first century."
--Susan Jarratt, Rhetorica

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