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Inventing Virginia: Sir Walter Raleigh and the Rhetoric of Colonization

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Published by Peter Lang, SIR WALTER RALEIGH AND THE RHETORIC OF COLONIZATION, 1584-1590 examines the reports associated with the failed attempts in the 1580s to establish an English colony in present-day North Carolina.

The book evaluates the rhetoric of four major reports, including those written by Arthur Barlowe, Ralph Lane, Thomas Hariot, and John White, and various illustrations of Native Americans and maps of the region.

The book argues that a competition existed between Raleigh and Sir Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth's Principall Secretary, on how to settle Virginia. Raleigh wanted to establish an agricultural colony while Walsingham wanted to establish a series of trading posts and find a route across North America to the Pacific Ocean and Cathay. This competition contributed to the failure of Raleigh's efforts that resulted in the famous Lost Colony of 1587.

The book is now available from Peter Lang and various online book stores.

John White's watercolor of Indian green corn dance.


"Moran (English, U of Georgia) discusses not the physical aspects of the English colony, but the manner in which Raleigh advocated for it, particularly in his reports to the throne. A main goal is to reveal the importance of technical, scientific, and commercial communication during the Renaissance."
--Reference and Research Book News

"Lo studio proposto da Michael G. Moran dimostra come la storia e le complesse dinamiche dell'avventura coloniale inglese in Nord America presenti ancora zone d'ombra sulle quali e possible indagare grazie al dialogo tra diversi sistemi ermeneutici."
--Elena Maramotte, Nuova Informazione Bibliografica 3/​07

"Michael G. Moran (Georgia) well tells the tale of Sir Walter Raleigh being given a patent from The Virgin Queen to settle a colony on Roanoke Island in Virgina....."

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