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Business Correspondence

Research in Technical Communication

History of the Royal Society of London

Edited with Debra Journet, this volume collects bibliographical essays in the emerging field of technical communication. The first section, "A Theoretical Examination of Technical Communication," examines technical communication from the point of view of the humanities, history, and communication theory. The second section, "Technical Communication and Rhetorical Concerns," examines invention, audience analysis, arrangement, and style. The third section, "Specific Types of Technical Communication," covers proposals, reports, and business correspondence. Part four, "Related Concerns and Specialized Forms of Technical Communication," discusses computers, oral presentations, legal writing, and writing for the government. The book ends with three appendixes: guides to textbooks, style manuals, and professional issues.

The book won the 1986 National Council of Teachers of English Award for the best collection of essays in the area.

Selected Works

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Professional Biography
Using a biographical approach, this book examines Frank Aydelotte's career as one of the nation's most important English professors of the early 20th century."Moran has produced the definitive analysis of Frank Aydelotte's contributions to English studies written in the same vein as his excellent reference volumes."--Rhetoric Review
Reference Collections
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